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MojaveByrd Crafts' handcrafted jewelry incorporates  semi-precious gemstones, glass, shell, mother of pearl, polymer clay, resin and other materials in its designs.  MojaveByrd Crafts also offers soutache and micro-macrame jewelry.  All jewelry is created individually and, therefore no two are ever exactly alike.  This means you will have a unique item unlike anything else.

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MojaveByrd Crafts' jewelry uses a variety of materials including semi-precious stones, marble, shell, mother-of-pearl, glass, acrylic and metal.  Each piece of jewelry will list its components.

Soutache is a method of creating items by sewing beads of all kinds onto special braiding material.

Polymer Clay is so versatile that it can be made into almost anything.  It is known for its ability to imitate semi-precious gems, as well as metals, rocks and minerals. But here at MojaveByrd Crafts, we also like to make different kinds of polymer clay beads to incorporate into our unusual jewelry.   Take a look -we bet you'll find something you like. (And, if you like Polymer Clay, check out some of the other areas on this site to see what else it can do.)

Remember macrame??? It was the craze in the 60's.  Now we have micro-macrame, a smaller scaled version of the original macrame technique.  Take a look at MojaveByrd Crafts' great unique jewelry made using this new smaller technique.  All jewelry items are one of a kind because MojaveByrd Crafts creates them "on-the-fly". (sort of a "stream-of-consciousness technique)

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