Kids' Stuff

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We have glass items covered in Polymer Clay.  Check out our wine glasses, bottles, vases, votives and other items.  Most of them can be made to order in colors you like.

These wine glasses are covered with clay and other decorative pieces.  They received a sealer coat to protect them from use.  Some are individual and some are sold only as pairs.  If you would like a set in a different color from what you see, let me know.  They make very unique toasting cups for a wedding and can be done in the bride's colors.  If you're thinking of a set of four or six, let me know.  HAND WASH ONLY.

These bottles come in different sizes and shapes.  They are covered with polymer clay.  They are for decoration, or fill them with whatever you wish.  HAND WASH ONLY

All these vases are glass covered with polymer clay.  Each flower and embellishment is applied individually.  If you would like a particular style in a different color, please let me know.   They are, of course, safe for flowers.

Votives are fun to make because I never know what they will look like until they are finished.  The stained glass designs are lovely when a candle is burning inside.